Ziyarats 2020

Ziyarats or Ziarats, as some people would spell them, means visiting historic Islamic places around the world. The word is specifically used in the middle east context and most Muslim travellers visit these places, as part of their umrah journeys or separately. Lately, the travels have been going beyond middle east, actually even east in general. Muslim travellers are going, as close as Spain in Europe for these trips. The ziarats seasons start early in the Islamic year (Moharram) with first ten days spent in Iran, Iraq and Syria. People also go to Jordan, Turkey and most of all Saudi Arabia for Ziyarats. These are an important and, with most pilgrims and integral part of their Hajj and Umrah packages. We have devised different packages for these Ziyarats keeping in mind, your comfort and convenience. Browse the packages below and select, one of them to go with us. As we specialize in these packages, we will give you the best possible available prices and very sound advice. We not only specialize in group packages but also offer customized itineraries for any family sizes. So, if you have a schedule to keep and can not go with a group, worry not and send us your details using the form on the right or call our help line. Please note that certain trips are no longer being conducted e.g Syria, due to the ongoing conflict there. We are however doing trips to most other parts of the world and will be happy to assist you with detailed plans and satisfy all your queries. Please note that besides below plans, packages in combination with umrah and combo packages of Iran & Iraq are also available. You can combine almost any trip with Umrah and have a journey of a lifetime.
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