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The holy places Syria include the list of following places where you can visit during your journey. These are very famous places world wide and people would love to visit these places with their friends and families.


The Great Mosque of Aleppo

Historical religious sites Syria include The Great Mosque of Aleppo, is also known as the Umayyad Mosque and in Arabic language is recognized as al Jami al Kabir, it was founded just after 10 years after of Great Mosque of Damascus. The original structure of the mosque has been changed over to a great deal, and you may see dates only from 12th century and later. But a great work is done on this mosque to change it over to a new look.


This mosque was manufactured by the caliph Al Waleed and 715 AD and later on was completed by his Caphiph Suleman. Throughout its history, the mosque was modified for time again and again due to natural disaster. Nur al Din reconstructed it in 1169 after great fire hit this mosque and during Mongol invasion 1260 it was destroyed again. In the period 2003-2004 the great mosque was modified to a great deal and especially minaret, and courtyard was restored. The courtyard of this mosque connects to different areas of the mosque that are placed behind the colonnaded arcade.


Shrine of Sayidda Zeinab, Damascus

Religious history Syria includes the Shrine of Sayyida Zeinab (R.A) is a wonderful Iranian style mosque and also a shrine in Southern Damascus. It attracts Shia muslims to a great deal; they often visit this place. She was the daughter of Hazrat Ali (R.A) and granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A). During your visit to Syria, this is an important place to visit over. You make sure to go with your family and friends.


This Shrine is believed to house the remains of Hazrat Zainab (R.A). She was captured by Shimir and after death of his brothers Hazrat Hassan and Hussain (R.A) at Karbala. Specially for Shia Muslims, this is an important place to visit and one must visit this place too that it represents that sacrifices of Hazrat Zainab (R.A) for the dominance of Islam. In 1990s, this shrine was repaired on the original structure. The mosque associated to this shrine is a bit difficult to find as it hidden behind by the great number of shops, hotels and markets. You need to search out of blue minarets or follow black robed pilgrims,  walking towards the entrance. There is also a Sayyida Zainab (R.A) shrine in Egypt at Cairo.


Tekkiye Mosque, Damascus

This mosque reminds you of Istanbul, it was originally constructed on the orders of Caliph Suleiman and was designed by the architect Sinan. The specialty of this mosque is that it was constructed by masons who were Christians early on and were converted to Islam later on. The buildings in the surroundings were also planned and built by Sinan. These were the accommodation of Dervishes and later on it was used a house for pilgrims who were traveling to Mecca. There was a Selimiye Madrasa nearby; it was constructed between 1566 to 1574. This Madrassa is still used to teach the Quran. The building around the mosque is being used by the shopkeepers.

Great Mosque of Damascus

Great Mosque of Damascus (Umayyad Mosque)

Religious history Syria includes The Grand mosque of Damascus also known as the Ummayad Mosque is a fascinating place to visit. It is considered to be the largest, holiest and oldest mosques in the world. The tomb of Saladin is also there in a small garden and is adjoining the north wall of the mosque. There is also a shrine of Prophet Yahya (A.S) there which is a sacred place to visit.


Damascus is considered to be the oldest city of the world, and the Umayyad mosque is there on the site that is considered to be sacred even 3000 years back. Muslims conquered Damascus in 636 AD and did not affect the church; the building was shared by the muslims and Christians during that period. It remained a church for quite a while and muslims built a mud-brick structure against the southern wall where they could pray. During 706 to 715, this mosque was demolished on the instructions of caliph Al-Walid and muslims paid indemnity to Christian in compensation. During that period, Damacus was considered to the most important cities in the middle east and had become the capital of Ummayad caliphate later on. Umayyad Mosque has a magnificent structure. Great work by different craftmen belonging to different countries can be seen there. It contains a vast courtyard and hundreds of rooms for the visiting pilgrims. Most important the layout of this mosque was based on the Prophet’s Mosque of Madina. This mosque was reconstructed several time due to hit by fire in 1069, 1401 and 1893. The shape and designs were changed, but the original structure remains there.   Syria is renowned place in the Islamic history. Holy places Syria are popular throughout the world.  One must visit the places as mentioned in this article. They are the holy places and many visitors used to visit on these places. They are considered to be part of great Islamic history of Syria. The Syrian government is making arrangements to manage these places as they are tourist spots from all around the visitors worldwide.